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Wallowa Lake: The REAL Story
Follow Wallowa County’s two favorite mule deer and learn how Wallowa Lake was
REALLY formed.

This fun animated movie was created by the 2011-12 Enterprise 6th Grade Class as a fundraiser for the Enterprise Education Foundation, which funds art & music.

We started our animation project in October 2011 and finished 5 months later in February 2012. Every student participated in animating. In addition, the kids divided up and were responsible for:

• Writing story outlines
• Creating the story board
• Designing the characters
• Building the sets
• Creating the background music
• Voicing the characters
• Writing the lyrics and performing the theme song
• Creating the titles
• Figuring out special effects
• Filming a Behind-the-Scenes DVD

On average, we worked about 2 hours per week and took over 3000 pictures. We ended up with a 6-minute movie, including credits, and used 2070 of our pictures. That’s almost 7 hours of work for every minute of our movie!

If you are interested in purchasing a $10 DVD please contact me at: jcreative@eoni.com

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